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Dale Mathis set out to raise $35,000 to create a limited edition deck of cards unlike any made before. He started a Kickstarter  campaign and set the funding period for just 35 days with the intent that if he reached his goal, the number of decks procured during the campaign would be the only ones like it in existence.

In just those 35 days, Mathis not only reached his goal, but exceeded it by more than four times, raising over $145,000 with more than 1,200 backers to create the world’s first 3D metal and mechanized playing cards and an original Dale Mathis tuck box.

According to Andrei Jikh, Director of Videography with Theory 11, the epicenter of magic online, “Mathis’ deck is “a piece of playing card history.” Dale Mathis states, “Over the last 600 years, playing cards have changed very little. As an accomplished artist and designer, I wanted to change that by literally thinking outside the box, no pun intended,” Mathis said. “I dreamed of creating a deck of cards unlike any made before. I wanted this deck to be like the Ferrari of playing cards, to be made of the finest materials, designed with feminine curves and a masculine stature. I wanted it technologically advanced but designed to be played hard with. When not played with, it would look sexy and hypnotizing to anyone who laid eyes on it.  Last but not least, it had to maintain its collectible value as would any piece of fine art.”

Today, Mathis’ 3D metal and mechanical card set is a reality. More than 2500 limited edition decks were procured from the Kickstarter campaign.

A variety of editions are available, including 24 carat gold and stainless steel with Swarovski crystals are available as coveted collector’s editions.